Backbone Tattoo studio was established in 2012 by Ants Rauba, Rainer Pleer, Edmar Sulaoja and Rainer Lillo. Vitaly Makurin joined the team a few years later. Over the years we've had several apprentices and tattoo artists among us, for example Kaarel Krall, Lili Lind, Arina Stretchkova and Laura Käst

Our creative team represents a wide range of skills from different tattoo styles. The work of our artists has been generously awarded at local and foreign tattoo conventions.

Our six tattoo artists work in two spacious workrooms. Our administrator will greet you in the waiting room. We also have highly praised Indrek Sell from Tartu Piercing working here on Fridays and Saturdays. The studio is equipped with professional and high quality supplies. The products we use are vegan and inks are compatible with EU's REACH regulation.

There are often art exhibitions at Backbone Tattoo - our walls are always covered with paintings, graphics or drawings by ourselves or other artists. You can also purchase Backbone Tattoo gift cards and merch from the studio. 

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