I want a tattoo !?
It all starts with your idea. Please find us some examples that illustrate your idea. Don't get stuck on the sample pictures though – be prepared that your tattoo-artist has his own view on the design. :)
When choosing our studio, we expect you have researched our artists' work.

Do I send an email or come up to the studio?
With smaller projects it's easier to send an email: backbonetattoo@gmail.com
Add to the email:
1) a description of the tattoo;
2) a couple of example pictures;
3) if possible, a photo of the location where you want the tattoo to be.
The advantage of coming to the studio is that you can discuss your ideas with the tattoo-artists and ask all kinds of questions. Consulting with tattoo-artists is free of charge and you don't have to book an appointment for that.
Just come whenever suits you the best – the artists are ready to consult you from Tuesday to Friday, from 12 pm to 4 pm.

How quickly do you respond to the emails?
Usually within one or two working days. Answering complex requests can take more time.
Years of experience have made us aware of our interests and abilities – we can't say "yes" to everything.

Can you cover up my old tattoo?
We wish to see your tattoo and hear your thoughts about covering or refreshing it. We will cover old tattoos with new ones if (and only if) you are willing to give us as much freedom as possible concerning the design.

Do you have a price list?
The price of the tattoo depends on the time spent on the work. That in turn depends on several aspects – the design, the size and location of the tattoo and also on client's pain tolerance. We charge 90 € per hour for tattooing.

How painful is getting a tattoo?
People have different pain tolerance. Some clients read a book while being tattooed. Some have near-death experience. When you are not acquainted with your body's pain tolerance, you should not get your first tattoo on the chest or on the kneepit. :)

Is there something Backbone Tattoo don't do?
We don't tattoo minors (people under 18 years old).
We don't tattoo client's hands (the back of the hand and fingers), face or neck if the client doesn't have any tattoos.
We don't do permanent makeup.
We don't remove tattoos (no laser-removal).

How do I prepare myself for having a tattoo?
If you have questions about tattooing, please contact your tattoo artist. If you have a time-consuming project coming up, you should save the entire day for the tattooing process. Come to the studio well-rested and take some snacks with you. Drinking water, tea and candies are provided by the studio. Dress accordingly, so that your tattoo artist can easily get to your skin. Please don't bring your friends or family members with you when you are getting tattooed. Spend the tattoo-day evening in peace and follow the instructions that the tattoo artist gave you about taking care of the tattoo.

What about piercing?
There is a piercer in our studio, usually on Fridays and Saturdays.
Info and booking: 
Tartu Piercing (Indrek Sell)

+372 5190 2597