MY STORY - Krete Erlenhein

New painting exhibition at Backbone Tattoo studio!  Open from August 27 until October 24.

Just as it is possible for completely different personalities to co-exist on one Earth, it is also possible for versatility within one person. Everything that surrounds us affects our lives, shaping us into who we are right now. The exhibition "My story" is therefore very multifaceted. The exhibition takes you to places I have been in my development, being shaped by different teachers at different times, searching for my own style and landing where I am now. My story, my art, my face...

Krete Erlenhein has studied art under the guidance of Aapo Pukk and Zair Zeilanov. In addition to painting, Krete is also an illustrator ("Kelmiküla lastelaulud" by Fred Rõigas) and author of many children's song lyrics.

Instagram: kreteerlenhein
Facebook: KreteErlenhein

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